Friday, June 9, 2006

Found Firefox 2.0

I just found out Firefox 2.0 is out so downloaded Firefox 2.0 alpha 3 looking great, found the spellchecker very useful. FF2a3 hasn’t crashed yet. I went to MySpace and it didn’t crash…a good thing. I can’t think of anywhere else a browser would crash. Also I downloaded IE 7 beta 2 so I could compare the two. I have both opened at the same time trying to decide which is better. Webpages load just as fast on FF as IE6. Guessing it’s still Firefox. MS said on their webpage that “we heard you![….like Firefox]”. Wikipedia has a graph showing how much of each continent is using Firefox which is less then IE by far. North America has 3rd highest user ratio after Europe and Australia

Today, I go sample the lifestyles of the not so rich and famous at Minnesota Life College’s dorms and people living there. They’ll ask me many questions so may give an answer because it’s a great place. There are 150 other subscribers and I don’t know their selection system at all. It most not be based on location…I know this much. For the sake of making it…I can’t speak more about it, sorry. Perhaps another time

I have an interview with a company doing computer operator intern at the Hartford building in Woodbury (behind Circuit City facing I-94) doing computer job training for loading reel and cartridge tape drives. They expect me to work full time. They gave me a 20 page overview to read over.
To keep me company, I read 2 reviews each of 6 videogames from Something to pass the time. Then I got onto the Xbox and killed 100 bots in Unreal Championship 2 for Xbox. Decided to hold off buying an Xbox until it completely dies. I have computer hardware expenses. The game has stellar graphics on Xbox. I mean improved over Unreal Champtionship. Textures are better without framerate drop. As in all first peron shooters game play is intense.

I can’t buy a brand new Xbox this month because I am budgeting my income. I have to pay a family member for something costing $200 who says I can pay him over 2 months! I also was eyeing that Half-life 2 Episode 1 expansion. I am interested in Panzer Dragoon Saga off Ebay because it’s rare collectable for Saturn fans. It came out after Saturn officially died in America so it is a collectable worth $110. I remember Sega Saturn games at Wal-Mart, but slightly distorted .

This is Ian signing off.

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