Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Popular Blog Resurrected

In 2002 and 2005 I was a talented webpage designer. That was about the time, I tried integrating a window into my blogspot. My pages are on the wayback machine.

I liked to read videogame reviews when I was a hardcore gamer and some ancient Linux review I wrote. There was an about page, a gallery, a guest book, automated email. It was really ahead of its time. Nobody in my high school class made a personal webpage using HTML code with Dreamweaver. At least the viewer can see my creative webpages.

If I were to create a new webpage, would it just be more of the same. My geocities page was huge at 14 MB on FTP. I recieved no feedback! I try to get feedback on facebook without luck. I used Namo Webedtior 5.5 so often, updates became easy. At the time, I couldn't ask enough people to sign my guestbook. My webpage looks advanced compared to other geocities sites.

Here is my old modblog blog (my first blog)

There were people on my chatbox in 2003. I had 58,030 visitors on this blog. This is 20 times as many stats as most bloggers. My videogame list had 352 linkings, most on the entire modblog. This blog was a lot more successful than my myspace at the time. Very few myspace comments.

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