Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Australian perminment residence 10 years away

I am not liking my citizenship in the United States. US is a superpower so I get my choice of a country I do like. I feel US is too exceptional, the most exceptional really. So you get the most exceptional people (for now). I would really love to live in Brisbane, Australia permanently. That way I don't have to live in the United States with the most talented people in the world. I wanna leave to Brisbane, Australia a place for average Joes ~ after my Bachelor degree is accomplished. I can complain our debt is 100% of GDP as a reason to live in Oz then someone will have to sponsor me (I'd take the Aussie Government for sponsors). I don't care if I work, its better then my current situation. Being alienated for years is a damn long time. Brisbane is tropical, I can be on medicare, have a career there since Aussies don't fuck up their capitalist economy.

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