Monday, July 23, 2012

SHMUPS VI: Radiant Silvergun and Battle Garegga

I had these off Megaupload (defunct) and they are very well designed Shumps for Sega Saturn, except I play them in the modded Sega Saturn.  Sega Saturn has mod chip.  These are expensive games, 130 dollars USD. Working Designs was supposed to publish Radiant Silvergun in United States in November 1998. They hadn't.  Silhouette Mirage was published by Working Designs in 1998 which was a mistake. Working Designs could of even published Radiant Silvergun in US instead of stupid Magic Knight Rayearth!

Capcom was supposed to publish Battle Garegga for Sega Saturn in 1997. Capcom published 1944 instead. Battle Garegga is a better videogame than Radiant Silvergun, yet this is unknown. This is due to Gunstar Heroes on Sega Genesis, Ikarga on Nintendo Gamecube. Battle Garegga is supposed to be the best space shoot em up for 32-bit consoles.

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