Friday, July 20, 2012

I own CentOS 6.3 and Scientific Linux 6.3

> Scientific Linux 6.3 and Cent OS 6.3 both have kernel. Cent OS is the most popular web server and I own the latest version. Scientific Linux has enhancements like NTFS-3g, Andrew File System, and more security.
Cent OS 6.3 delivers: • Significant improvements in resource management and high availability. • New features aimed at storage and file system performance. • Identity management functionality. • Technology integration with VMware and Microsoft environments. The key benefits for organizations deploying CentOS 6.3 are: • Greater efficiency via resource management and performance optimization. • Enhanced business agility through additional security enhancements. • More flexibility for virtualized and clustered environments. • officially supports allocating up to 160 processor cores and 2TB of working memory to guest systems; previously, the distribution only supported 64 cores and 512GB of RAM • support for SR-IOV-capable (Single Root I/O Virtualisation) networking hardware • evice Mapper, which is used by the Logical Volume Manager, now offers the Thin Provisioning features that were integrated in Linux 3.2 • SCSI target via Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) • features that allow RAID levels 4, 5, and 6 to be implemented via the Logical Volume Manager (LVM); to do so, LVM accesses the kernel's software RAID code, which is typically managed via Mdadm • graphics drivers in the second release candidate of Linux 3.3 • the RDRAND x86 instruction support

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