Monday, July 2, 2012

Scientific Linux 6.2 impressions

Scientific Linux does do better stuff than Cent OS.  Scientific Linux would read my Windows 7 NTFS drive and Cent OS wouldn't with no configuration.  Cent OS programming packages like Perl Programming modules are essential for class.  I wonder if Scientific Linux Fermi 6.2 install dvd has the perl programming packages I despriately need coming home Wednesday ???? Scientific Linux 6.2  still came with Bash shell, Bourne shell, VIM editor, Emacs, and TC Editor I need for class.

Cent OS 6.2 has Perl Programming, C++ programming, Network Administration, Python Programming, Wireshark, VIM front end on it.

Crossover Linux 9.2 RPMs worked on both Cent OS 6.2 and Scientific Linux 6.2. It loaded Winamp and VLC. Scienific Linux (Fermi) 6.2 is hardcore distro aimed at hardcore Fermilab. The Fermilab people created it, because of licensing costs with red hat enterprise linux would probably made it impossible so scientific linux was born. I am forced to use Cent OS now, because of those perl programming packages. I am going to install Fermi 6.2 Wednesday or Thursday to make sure I made the right choice with Cent OS 6.2.

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  1. Hi,

    I think you should find all that is there in CentOS 6.2 in Scientific Linux 6.2 plus some more packages...because CentOS 6.2 is an exact clone of RHEL and SL is a clone of RHEL in addition to some more packages...

    I too am trying to install SL 6.2...Will let you know how it goes. :)