Saturday, April 14, 2012

Sega Genesis games I have to get someday

1. Musha - The most expensive NTSC videogame on either SNES or Genesis on Earth with a price tag of $250 on ebay, because you cannot find this off Amazon. It's a SHMUP made by Compile? It is Panzer Dragoon Saga's equal. You could find rarer, more expensive Neo Geo AES games with $400 price tags.

The screenshot everybody remembers only seen in emulators, because owning Musha was nonexistent.

2. Phantasy Star IV - everybody has Phantasy Star IV except me. It's Genesis's best RPG. It was played by many Genesis owners and it isn't even rare

3.Lightening Force - a nice shoot em up

4. Shining Force 2

5. Shining Force

6. Castlevania Bloodlines

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