Saturday, April 21, 2012

The PF Firewall in PC-BSD beats Linux :-)

"Summary: OpenBSD is quite possibly the most secure operating system on the planet. Every step of the development process focuses on building a secure, open, and free platform. UNIX® and Linux® administrators take note: Without realizing it, you probably use tools ported from OpenBSD every day. Maybe it's time to give the whole operating system a closer look...In fact, OpenBSD is so secure that it was once banned for use in a DEF CON competition, where crackers go after each other's systems..." -- circa 2006

"OpenBSD is often noted for its code auditing and integrated crypto, but the security features go far beyond this. OpenBSD was built from the ground up on the model of being a fabric woven with security in mind, not a patchwork of bug fixes and security updates. This has led to OpenBSD finally being recognized today for what it is: the most secure operating system on earth.

  "Whether you buy that theory or not, experts agree that OpenBSD is the most secure server operating system now available. " Source 

  "Chris McNab, network security analyst at MIS Corporate Defence thinks that OpenBSD "is the most secure operating system available". He said that the security comes from the fact that "it is based on NetBSD, but open source developers have gone through it and audited it, working proactively. So rather than waiting for a security hole they're already looking for one. This has made OpenBSD the most secure Unix variant out there". Source

"OpenBSD is a free unix-like operating system. It comes "secure by default" out of the box. It CAN be *the* most secure operating system, but of course that is absolutely dependent on who administers it, and how vigilant they are in protecting it. In the right hands, I consider it to be THE MOST SECURE OPERATING SYSTEM." Source

"OpenBSD is considered by many to be one of the most secure operating systems in existence. From its inception, OpenBSD has focused on making BSD as secure as possible." Source

"OpenBSD is universally acknowledged to be the most secure operating system available today, miles ahead of Windows, Linux and other operating systems with its security features, making it the clear choice for any high-security application." Source

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