Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top Space Ghost Coast to Coast episodes

Back when I used Limewire, I downloaded these Space Ghost - Coast to Coast episodes. I watched this talk show on cartoon network from 1995 - 2001. I believe I have a total of 15 Space Ghost Coast to Coast Episodes in H.263. At the time, I thought it was a corny TV series compared to live action TV shows such as Friends, Sienfield, Jay Leno, Baywatch, and Star Trek TNG in the 1990s.

"Pavement" (Episode 49): Space Ghost tells the viewing audience that his special musical guest will be The Beatles. He does short interviews with Colin Quinn and Tommy Davidson, but his interview with Red Green is cut short and his interview with Goldie Hawn is drowned out by Zorak's incessant keyboard playing. Space Ghost is later informed that they couldn't get The Beatles, so he tells them to just get anyone, know one will know the difference. Finally, the rock band Pavement shows up and Space Ghost introduces them as The Beatles. They perform a song about Space Ghost, using Zorak's instruments.

"Piledriver" (Episode 52): "Macho Man" Randy Savage makes an appearance as Space Ghost's grandfather but pretty much just plays the role as "Macho Man," threatening to put wrestling moves on anyone who gets in his way. At one point, Zorak beats him senseless with a folding chair. Eventually grandpa fakes his own kidnapping to get away from the show.

"Snatch" (Episode 72): Comedian Steven Wright finds himself trapped on the Ghost Planet as gigantic pod creatures take over the studio. The crew must stay awake, lest the replicating pods take over their bodies. They try everything they can think of to trick the pods, including dressing a bucket and mop as Space Ghost, and, per Moltar's suggestion, trying to become metal (because rust never sleeps).

"Fire Ant" (Episode 77): Conan O'Brien holds his own against Space Ghost in this episode, but eventually Space Ghost becomes distracted by an ant and follows it, silently, for about the last five minutes of the episode before being chased back to the studio by the ant's gigantic mutant father.

"Flip Mode" (Episode 82): Busta Rhymes is the guest in this episode, but Space Ghost is too preoccupied with all the brilliant ideas he keeps coming up with, which all seem to revolve around Zorak getting whacked in the head with a wrench. It turns out Space Ghost is getting all these "ideas" because he broke a pipe and natural gas is leaking into the studio. Highlights include the show being taken into the woods; Space Ghost taking Zorak and Moltar to a hospital that's actually a grocery store; Zorak hiding in a heating vent; and Space Ghost sanding his own face off.

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