Friday, July 15, 2011

PSVita beating Nintendo 3DS: A industry first | Luigi in SM64 N64

You can't ring them up by putting the device up to your ear but in general I think they've got most of the capabilities that you'd find in a smartphone, with some unique capabilities that make them stand out. The 3DS launch titles has confusing titles for mainstreamers.

The PS Vita has 512 MB of RAM, two touch screens on front/back, a 4 core CPU, a 4 core GPU, a LED screen and different games.

The Playstation Portable was unsuccessful in North America, because it only had Daxter, Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII, Metal Gear Solid Portal Ops and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker for mainstream gamers. The Japanese liked mediocre JRPGs. The Europeans generally support Playstation consoles/handhelds, because Playstation 2 had Winning Eleven Soccer or EA's FIFA with dual shock controllers.

Someone found Luigi in Super Mario 64 (n64) as a easter egg. It is the Toad's Tool 64 exploitation of junk code.

Miyamoto: With Mario 64, we had an experiment that took advantage of the idea of the screen growing larger and smaller depending on how far apart the characters were. So we had Mario and Luigi running around in that 3-D world, but we ended up not using it. Why did you decide not to use that Nintendo 64 game with Mario and Luigi?

Miyamoto: Ultimately, it’s the idea of processing speed and working within the constraints of the hardware. The DS Mario 64 had a mode with something similar to that, where you were playing with four characters.

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