Monday, July 4, 2011

Camping 2k11



Did this last week for three days and this week for three days. I hate that there is nothing special on TV, except the Eau Claire PBS broadcasts Vietnam news at 8PM (large Mung population), and the communist anchors constantly naught yes. Anchors showed that Obama and laughed at stupid president. I golfed and wanted to be home to watch what I wanted to watch. I didn't drive myself (to save mileage) and I don't subscribe to a 3G service. I think that amateur fireworks are stupid. Why do you always do it at dusk when it isn't even that dark yet? Dropping $500 bucks on Roman Candles, Sparklers Bottle Rockets and Firecrackers doesn’t really make sense. Throw in the fact that all the good fireworks are illegal. Light up a stack of cash And throw it high, high into the night's sky.

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