Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Quad layer Bluray and 2 HVDs to choose from: Worth it

LOL, even though I have a bluray rewritable installed, I still use single layer DVDs a lot at home. I written to bluray only for my music collection which only took up 1 SL-BDR. Now there is going to be 3 HVDs from GE, 100 GB one from Optware and

[[General Electric]] Global Research Center have made a [[HVD|holographic disc]] which is the same size of a DVD/CD, yet can hold 500 Gigabytes of Data. It is going to be released onto the market in less than four years. General Electric has been working on their HVD for six years. Their technology is compatible with CD, DVD, and Bluray. [] They have plans to commercialize it.

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