Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Top 16 War Movies

16. Saving Private Ryan - starring Matt Damon, Tom Hanks
15. Top Gun - Starring Tom Cruise, Val Kalmer
14. Black Hawk Down starring Ewan McGregor
13. Apocalypse Now Redux
12. Firefox starring Clint Eastwood.
11. The Hunt For Red October starring Sir Sean Connery
10. Dr. Strangelove
9. A Bridge Too Far starring Sir Sean Connery, Sir Anthony Hopkins
8. Full Metal Jacket starring R. Lee Ermey
7. Von Ryan's Express Frank Sinatra
6. Stalag 17 starring William Holden
5. Band of Brothers
4. Sands of Ima Jima starring John Wayne
3. The Guns of Navarone starrign Gregory Peck
2. Patton starring George C. Scott
1. The Longest Day starring John Wayne

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