Sunday, February 4, 2007

EA is better than Nintendo at last!

Fact is an American publisher is bigger than Nintendo Corp and this is a good thing, because we're the 2nd largest videogame consumer in the world! It's a fair trade off. EA earned $201 million in profit in the first quarter on the worst platform of this year (last to sell 1 million units world-wide = confirmation). I guess I'm all for North American reigning champions in this area.

So I won't buy Madden NFL 07 because I'm waiting for Madden 09 to come out for PS3, because fact is ESPN NFL 2K5 is better than Madden NFL 07 for any console. Gamespot said it well...ESPN Football 2k5 is the best football game they've ever played and the fact it's only $20 is insane". Visual concepts didn't do another one because EA got exclusive NFL license. If Visual Concepts got a license on Arena Football League or NCAA Football, 2k Games could make a load of money because people may be fed up spending $60 on average football sims! I would! My friend bob agrees which is why he bought Madden NFL 2002 and 2003 on PS2 (the gfx weaker then GCN platform /w 4 times the popularity).

So Nintendo is only 2nd best and I like that

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