Sunday, February 4, 2007

Iraqi War bias on PS3forums

I have to post on this forum since catharton electronica is sluggish, uninteresting, and sort of dead and ps3forums (despite loving Gears of War and Resistance Fall of Man) are against the Iraqi War, and think US is some sort of evil country for invading Afghanistan. How may I think like a European when I am in America itself? I agree it's sort of hard to be anti-patriot. Do I have to let them get away with it? Just because we use Nuclear dust, and cluster bombs in Gulf War and Afghanistan doesn't mean we're an evil country. These kids don't get it. This must be one of those "I hate America's Army...therefore I am popular and right" people. These members know there is nothing they can do about teh war except ask why there isn't peace?

Another topic they brought up for views is Iran-made Nukes. They ask why Iran can't have Nukes and America can. I responded, because Iran will eventually use it and it'll lead to nuclear fallout (read the wikipedia entry and see if you like it) and they thought i was some crazy motherfucker. They believe it won't happen. Why the fuck do you think we keep our nukes in our damn silos with the lids sealed or disabled in our engaging stock pile for so long for? Insurance?

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