Sunday, December 10, 2006

What? You got another one? Ghez

 photo ps3iq3.jpg

I was at the Game Stop today buying a PS3 & PS3 game, so I asked the clerk if I could have the wii remote to play it for the first time.

First I was really crappy at it. I thought the Dpad was used for turning, but not before figuring out to turn it side ways. This took me only 20 seconds. Then I start rocking the controller back and forth like a steering wheel. The game feels a lot like Wave Race Blue Storm with the water effects and the control. (yes, I know it comes from Excite Bike 64 having played the rom myself).

I don't see how revolutionary (but it is) the controller is. I used to lean sideways on corners when i was a young. Nintendo stoled the idea from that! They watched some ADDHD kid play Wave Race Blue Storm (how he exaggerates his body)

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