Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Gave PCSX2 0.92r2 a test drive

I gave PCSX2 0.92 release 2 a test run. I was trying to run Tekken 5 which wouldn't run past the Namco screen. Then I tried Jak and Daxter which failed. So I got to play Final Fantasy X! Why the fuck do i get redirected back to when accessing [URL=""]PS2emu's efx2 site[/URL]! I use that same emu! He is ranked #10 on [URL=""]this site[/URL] Why aren't I allowed there? Am I too dumb? I got the source code on my computer and can compile it with my pirated version of MS Visual Studio 2003

And the MPEG2 FMV is working great. I think the emu has source code in it now.

FMV :)

New games I can emulate while playing

Mega Man X Collection
Mega Man Anniversary Collection
Growlancer Generations
Final Fantasy X-2
Silpheed The Lost Planet
Street Fighter Anniversary Collection

along with all the games I tried in PCSX2 0.9.1 (Under I emulated [I]Searched Collection for playable PS2 games[/I] blog)

Stella Deus
Nippion Ichi stradegy rpgs

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