Thursday, December 28, 2006

Evo:Phase One stole controller idea from Nyko!

The forth console is a PC even though the PC is officially the forth competitor anyways. Ironic isn't it?

Here is what it looks like....

The controller really looks like the Nyko Airflow PC, one of the best analog controllers out for PC. I own this and use it for my emulators. Sturdy, looks a lot like Dual Shock 2.

Central Processing Unit

* AMD Athlon 64x2 5600+2.90 GHz

Graphics Processing Unit

* ATI HD 3200
* 3D graphical user interface

Primary Storage/RAM



* 120GB Hard Drive, with support for virtual unlimited storage

General features

* Internet access
* VoIP
* Plays Windows games
* Akimbo-based VOD (video on demand)
* Social networking
* Send Envizions games to any EVO wireless router
* Allows multiple players from one master hub
* Biometric game save and security features
* Integrated Biometric scanner
* Amiga-based games
* Standard-definition and high-definition video support

Digital Media

* DVD-ROM Drive
* Compatible with DVD-video, DVD-ROM, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, CD-ROM, CD-RW


* Linux / Fedora
* Application framework
* Cloud
* Proprietary firmware


* One HDMI port
* One DVI port
* One PC Modding port
* One SD card port
* Two USB 2.0 ports
* Two Ethernet ports
* Three Audio ports

Physical Dimensions

* Width: 300mm
* Height: 65mm
* Length: 273mm

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