Sunday, July 23, 2006

PCSX2 0.9.1 out

PCSX2 0.9.1 is out at (you can download the source code). Some PS2 games are suppose to be playable. Most 2D games and menus started reaching 60-120 fps, ingame 3D was still slow. During this time, Pcsx2 started supporting dual core CPUs (frame rates usually doubled). With release 0.9.1 in Summer 2006, most 3D scenes hit frame rates of 15-30fps on a 3GHz machine. It’s 25 frames per second faster than 0.9 because PCSX2 has enjoyed rapid increases in performance since January. I found out that the FMV wouldn’t show up the MPEG2 decoder is absent despite having “ffdshow codec pack” installed. Program now comes with a PS2 and PSone bios.

Didn’t have controller set up.

X or start didn't do anything....DVD-ROM didn't want to load data.

Settings I used

Graphics: default
DVD: EEP Polling CDVD driver 0.4.0
Sound: P.e. Op.S SP2

I finally got Valkyrie Profile Lenneth (anime JRPG), I saw it under glass early last year for $100 and that’s the only real copy I saw. The PSP has potential. Why is it popular? People liking console RPGs especially Enix RPGs would be interested anyways. Only 50,000 copies were shipped before this game. Another videogame based on Norse mythlogy is Too Human for Xbox 360.

I also bought 3D Realm’s Prey. Upgraded dead project of the late 1990s resurrected by Human Head Studios and Venom Studios with added ideas and updated first person shooter game play to give Far Cry Instincts and Perfect Dark Zero a run for it’s money. Thought it was a good investment.

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Still am playing Titan Quest. Graphics are really nice, best looking action RPG out. You should buy it. The game lags at 1600x1200 so I am wondering if I should put Nvidia nTune 5 to good use. nTune 5 will overclock my Athlon 64 (possible up to 3 GHz, but that’s crazy) , 2.5 GB accessible DDR RAM, and GPU making my system faster. One thing I noticed is the RAM clock speed was 400 MHz with one gig and now 333 MHz with 3 Gigs installed . I want it back to normal and am temped to use nTune. First thing to do is use stress test for 10 minutes to see how stable my hardware is at stock clockspeeds. Picture of what it looks like.

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  1. Cum se foloseste pcsx 091 ? Va rog sa imi spuneti.