Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Cars will not look like Lexus 2054 in 2014 | Great fireworks display at Webster

Saw fireworks on the July 2nd by Webster, WI. The town had an hour long fireworks display which is suppose to improve each year. Rockets were shot over a baseball diamond. My family arrived there at 7PM and stayed for 10PM. People were doing their own thing. 250 Cars were park on both sides of the road. We had to walk up the hill, over the railroad tracks, to the diamond and there is so many people in Webster, you get lost.

Two of my cousins were there. One was 9th grader, other was 6th grader. Both like Diablo 2. Wouldn’t shut up about this RPG. Lars says he got up to level 65 in the game. I bought over the handhelds, played New Super Mario Bros. for 3 hours outside, and then stopped because there was conversation. Advanced to 4th level in NSMB. Then I played an emulated version of Gunstar Heroes, Phantasy Star IV – End of the Millennium and Shining Force 2 on PSP. Trying not to go in detail.
Watched “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada” that night Tommy Lee Jones taking a corpse to Mexico before the FBI gets him.

Then today I watched the anti-American BBC World Newcast on BBC America. They mentioned America’s Independence Day all the time and showed Discovery shuttle launch for good measure. Then I watched Fox News Channel and felt all patriotic again. But of course they didn’t come to America to show it, they showed it at Camp Victory in Baghdad because to them that was important. Then they talked about our little gas shortage because it would hurt us somehow. We do have the most roads anywhere in the world and most advanced freeway system with vehicles traveling with no or little gaps since 1955. Point is we use a lot of gas and we need corn ethanol. We really do ignore our passenger trains. We got the massive corn oil supply. The problem is conversing farmers that it’s profitable. All you have to do is fit your vehicle to take ethanol. Sorry, but the truth is Audi RSQ Concept or Lexus 2054 will not be on the road before 2015. Point is anything you see today on the street will exist in 2014 except newer models and 2 miles to the gallon better.

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