Thursday, April 27, 2006

Revolutionary Pee

April 29, 2006 - Graphical calculators JPEG added to "Some Pictures"

I am probably not the first to know it's name on here, but Nintendo announced on their webpage that Wii is the Revolution. Nintendo Go was valid, but was a very, very old name. Nintendo has probably changed it because like I said before I rather call it the Rev.

Wii definately comes from WiFi and Revolution is entirely WiFi if you got a Wavebird wireless Gamecube controller. This comes after seeing Ubisoft's Red Steel First Person shooter. A xbox game with much better antianalysing.

The only thing revolutionary about the Wii is the fact Nintendo got it thru their thick brains that DVDs should be their format after failing to see this with Gamecube. It's made a laughing stock out of Gamecube. Once again the MiniDVD didn't fit enough video. Gamecube games had little video in them. Their stupid thinking of piratcy resistant miniDVDs were putting them in last place. Why didn't Nintendo bring Panasonic Q to Wisconsin? Probably a bad decision on their part.

Nintendo fans once were waiting for the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive, but it ended up to be the Nintendo 64 Disk Drive. And game developers used the Doctor V64 to extract ROMs to CD using the expansion port and you could even play the ROM off CD by using it (sound familar?). Sega saw this with Saturn and dropped support the Sega Jupiter (A cartridge-based Saturn) Saturn was too difficult to program for so the obvious choice was develop for Playstation and it was $299 instead of $399. PS2 inhirined the back catalog of Playstation games.

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