Saturday, April 22, 2006

H264? Big Deal! I'm a guru

Right now I am playing Kingdom Hearts 2 and Atelier Iris Eternal Mana. I got $50 and chose to buy Nihm rechargeable batteries for my Archos Jukebox recorder 20. I planned to spend that on Ace Combat Zero – The Belkan War while writing a check for Atelier Iris 2 on April 25. Things didn’t work out as planned.

I downloaded OpenSuse 10.1 RC1 so I could have a state-of-the-art operating system. That ended up being in media only. Installed Disc 1 successfully, but after reboot the fricken installer wouldn’t mount the dvd-rom! Wasted all that time for nothing. Problem was bad driver due too CD 1 installing fine. Stuck on Suse 10 for two more weeks. Note that I still use Windows XP for everything. I use linux for firefox, kopete, and amarok.

Screenshot of my encoded X264 file

Got around to encoding War of the Worlds in X264 (H264). The encoder didn’t like to use multi-pass encoding so I was stuck with single pass. Bummer. 1 hour 57 minute movie compressed to 1,003 MB. RealAnime installed a decoder for WMP. Quality of it looks fine, but I missed the target of 700 MB. I had the option of splitting the video in 700 MB files. I am encoding Star Wars Episode 3 at lower bit rate, but wider resolution. I have a job interview Monday with employers’ agent so I’ll bring these DivX and H264 samples. I have a hunch he won’t look at these though. He’s interested in my web pages and all the things I can do on PC. I am willing to show him everything, but will videogame fan webpages get me a job? I dunno. That’s what I’ll show him. No body heard of Namo Webeditor. When people don’t hear these programs they always take it with a grain of salt. Everyone makes webpages in Dreamweaver 8 these days. I know this because I ask around. I have the trial version, but it isn’t my preference. I can’t explain why.

I coped my 21 gig mp3 collection back onto my hard drive because I got so much spare room.

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