Monday, February 28, 2011

Are all the hot women going to stay in CA in its disasterious state?

Currently, the highest percentage of hottest women are in California (with the highest population) I've been wondering where to get a hot girlfriend in the United States. The ones around in Wisconsin are all average / below average in appearance and like Rap music. I'm sure the hottest Californians are moving Eastward to states such as Texas. I have people tell me, the hot ones are always more high-maintenance.

Comrade Sheila Kuehl of Los Angeles wants a single payer healthcare system. If comrades gets their way, Americans and illegals will flee California. Doctors will see less patience was their pay goes down. I miss that old law that requires citizens to mark "the applicant is not a communist action organization or a communist front".

Down in Texas, specifically Dallas, Ft. Worth and Arlington, women in some bars are really great looking (8 and above is the rumor), and you require no degree to flirt with them. I've heard stories they talk to you as soon as 10 minutes. All the hot women enjoy Country down in Texas. None of the rap loving ugly ones like around in Wisconsin, and this has been surveyed at big parties where women of all walks of life would turn up at. I walked around in Wisconsin for 12 years, and I don't seem to remember an excellent quantity of pretty women walking around.

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