Monday, June 22, 2009

Most Dogs fear me!

I usually walk my lab at 11 AM, but every slightly crazed owner seems to have their canine by their side or purposely sicking their bitches on me. I wanted to stab the bitches with a butcher knife in self defense, but I got the $25 Dazer II lucky for them. I can't say the dogs was anywhere near stupid being a drug sniffing German Shepard.

The worst scenario was in 2000 when a drunkard on Independence Day on the same street sicked two angry Cane Corsos (bread with white stripes) on me and I had to walk back to the house in retreat. I didn't know if it was the Cane Corsos or that drunkard had pity on me (probably the former), but I made it out without teeth marks. I was dumb enough to leave without dog repellent and Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent wasn't invented. I was walking another lab who wanted self defend its owner even if it died trying. I called the sheriff about the guard dogs, didn't walk that part of the street again.

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