Monday, June 22, 2009

Even the Soviets said it right, America can only be on top of the world as a capitalist representative republic

Over the past two decades, Washington upped the ante, encroaching on Russia's borders and encircling it with it with NATO/US bases clearly designed for offense and to block the spread of democratic freedoms to former Soviet Republics. "Diabolical propaganda" made it work by projecting imperial America as a colonial liberator bringing "free market" capitalism to the East. It succeeded as "long as the United States was the world's largest economy and American dollars were in demand as (the) de facto world reserve currency...." For decades, America "portray(ed) itself as the beacon of liberty for newly independent nations of Africa and Asia," as well as former Soviet Republics and Warsaw Pact nations.

Yeah, the soviets were right, we were on top of the world with capitalism, and they got debunked. Then Russia turned capitalist themselves. We turned Japan captialist so they would trade with us and hopefully would lead to less wars with the Asians unless Korea declares war on the USS John McCain upon boarding like Kim said he would. We could be dominant economy when our economy is large enough to be the leading economy like the Communist party stated. Totalarian Barack Obama wants to put back in the dark ages! Don't listen to him, he's smiley face fascist that lures the American people with false statements mentened in previous posts. Government can't get it right. Australia is the proof. Their libertarian economy (as seen on Swank Australia on CNBC) has 8.3% unemployment (US has 9.7% unemployment) with much much lower population ratio/debt then we do. It's the god aweful truth! CNBC likes socialist Kevin Rudd, I believe. I dunno the details. He doesn't act as a socialist when it comes to recessions I know. Libertarians don't side with the democrats, only the conservative party.

Australia increasing military budget to combat the PLA, and the the Obama Administration is decreasing military budget and putting in cap and trade (a large scandle) and nationalized Obamacare. This should be a smoking gun for our Commander in Chief bonehead! This was even socialist Kevin Rudd's idea. He knows capitalism funds military. Big Brother wants state monopoly capitalism. He gave a speech of Gordon Gecko's Children (Gordon Gecko was a Democrat) relating this to a democrat's mess,25197,24450662-7583,00.html

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