Sunday, March 26, 2006

Found a MPEG4 AVC encoder (like Blu-ray and HD-DVD video)

X264 Encoder that plugs into everything (doesn't require NETFRAME 1.1)

MPEG4 AVC is suppose to be better then DivX resulting with much improved picture at the same filesize! It's called X264 and VideoLAN decodes it.

* DivX is based on stolen Microsoft H263 codec.
* X264 is based on H264 speculation

Download (edit: added most recent build)

It plugs into all video converting tools including movie makers, (MPEG - AVI) converters and stuff.

I downloaded RealAnime 4 video converting tool with X264 (March 2, 2006 build) and AACplus encoders. If you've decided to use RealAnime maybe update the X264.exe file in C:\Program Files\RealAnime 4\bin directory by seeing

The first movie I want to encode in X264 is War of the Worlds. My x264 copy will be 1188 kbps at 640x480. The movie will probably look really good. MPEG4 AVC is what Blu-ray and HD-DVD will use for video.

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