Thursday, October 19, 2000

Guild Wars Trilogy | 10

The Orange Box has nothing against it, three quality RPGs for the price of one! I'll start off by saying first that Guild Wars trilogy is the best value of any game out there, period. How can I say that? Simple, It is three incredible and gigantic games in one. When you first start to play Guild Wars you feel like a little kid trying to learn a new language. You know nothing, and there is so much to learn. However, Guild Wars does well at teaching you the basics so you can at least get going and killing monsters and completing missions. Although at times missions are hard to start [when you are not sure where to go to get the next mission] every mission moves you and your character forward in the world. However, the true value of this game is two-fold. First: it contains two other campaigns. When I 1st started with Prophecies I got bored very quickly because your character levels up very slowly. So I moved over to factions which moves very quickly and loved it. Then I tried Nightfall and loved that too. If I had just Prophecies I would be disappointed but with all three you get a chance to create many different kinds of characters [each campaigns gives you a slightly different look] as well as different ways of playing the game. Second, the interaction with thousands of online players and guilds [groups of people to play together] means there are always people to go on missions with or trade with or join together for glory with.

What I love most about this game though is the deep strategy of it. Each profession has many skills and spells that effect each other. The higher your skill is the more powerful your spell. But these spells/skill sets [called builds] allows you almost infinite flexibility with how you want to play this game. Do you want to run in and hack people, or stand back and blow them to bits with your fire? That is just the two most basic, but the beauty of Guild Wars is that there are dozens of other strategies based on hundreds of spells that can be combined with devastating effects and people are constantly coming up with new combinations that you can download and try! Or work to come up with your own unique combination of spells and skills. This coupled with three campaigns (as well as a fourth in Eye of the North) makes for endless hours of re-playability for a very small price. If you want the most gameplay for your money then BUY THIS GAME!!!!

And remember to jot your character's name down on paper and stick it to your tower, because the login requires it. Oh and by the way there are casual 50 year olds on here! Harray! Oh and I like the king and queen outfits in Guild Wars. Great stuff

Played on a great PC:
Core 2 Quad 9550
Radeon HD 5970 BE
6 GB of DDR2
Windows 7
Catalyst 2010 March

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