Monday, October 16, 2000

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War | 9.5

Awesome graphics, awesome models, awesome game! I've been a fan of PC flight simulators, especially the Jane's series for a very long time and never thought a decent flight sim could be made for a console until the Ace Combat series came about.
When first loading up the game, I was treated to a magnificent opening movie that told a wonderful story of what was turning into a bleak future for the world. The story set the stage for the campaign mode of the game, which has thus far been pure eye candy! Namco managed to improve greatly over AC4 with Ace Combat 5. i have to say that the game itself has wonderful graphics and is much more engaging than the previous titles. The missions are challenging and fun and most are varied enough.

From 5,000 feet, the textures of the ground and water look almost real, and the way the shadows and light play off of the aircraft in 3rd Person flight mode and really beautiful. The only thing that could have been improved on where the explosion effects, which were not realistic looking for my taste. I expected to see fireballs and falling debris, but did not see any of that. Sinking ships during the naval battles would have been nice as well.

Being a Navy veteran, the game reminded me of combat drills where we would receive briefings about fictional countries we were at war with and hand to protect ourselves against. The briefing and debriefing portions of the game brings back many fond memories for me and are as much joy to watch as it is a joy to play this game.

If you are a military aviation enthusiast and love flight sims, you have to have this game!

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