Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Peninsula State Park Door County vacation

 photo DSC_1069_zpsc5dc7c59.jpg  photo DSC_1062_zps8d682a18.jpg  photo DSC_1076_zpscb4d9280.jpg  photo DSC_1011_zpsb2fa9221.jpg  photo DSC_1016_zpse9023a52.jpg  photo DSC00491_zpsda450054.jpg  photo DSC00474_zps513b1268.jpg  photo DSC00478_zpsc2fedc07.jpg  photo DSC00436_zps246b6963.jpg  photo DSC00437_zps3dbfcc95.jpg Price gouging everywhere all while Fish Creek is having a merchandise flee market. Door County antiques are 80% more expensive then the same thing on Ebay. Disney Snow White pictures cost $450. I went to Washington Island, and there was a car show in Bailey's Harbor, WI.  photo DSC_1143_zpsb82c30aa.jpg  photo DSC_1142_zpscba0157d.jpg  photo DSC_1141_zpscc6c2f16.jpg  photo DSC_1131_zpsd3edfa71.jpg  photo DSC_1128_zps17e66378.jpg  photo DSC_1124_zpsb646bdcd.jpg  photo DSC_1122_zpsa73db2db.jpg  photo DSC_1102_zps2b3c2106.jpg  photo DSC_1091_zpsd5afcf86.jpg

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