Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Enemies Within


This book contains the keys for understanding the political process in America. The Communist fronts of the 1930s and 40s never disappeared, but merely changed their names or even remained as they were. The end of the Cold War, it turns out, was irrelevant for the continued advance of socialism in America. All the basic methods for infiltrating American institutions were at hand, and the socialists were determined to change the country, change its economic system, and eliminate capitalism as far as they were able. In fact, this book also shows that the conservatives have dropped their guard even as they have dropped the ball. Nowhere do we find a firm counter to socialist extremism. Everywhere the socialists grab issues, even inventing crises where there are none. In this book we learn about the various fronts in the war of the far left to remake America as a socialist society. Immigration, the environment, and minority issues are shown as major avenues for the advance of socialism. If you want to understand what's really going on in the U.S., you have to read this.

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