Saturday, February 18, 2012

PBIs are easy

My PC-BSD didn't LIbreoffice 3.4.5 (only openoffice 3.2) so the PBI file is automatic like exe file. Can you believe that Firefox 10 is 200 MB? I also got Opera 11.61, Q4Wine and Wine 1.3.4, some console emulators.

I got the 64-bit PC-BSD 9 Isotope Edition so I installed that today.

None of my facebook acquaintances want to join Google+. I'm on Google+. Like I said, facebook is evil. I comment on this college employee's wall, but he doesn't return the favour. Nobody returns the favour (all Americans).

There are a lot of people, who I comment on thier wall, and they unfriend me. Then they act like they haven't seen me in their life. What the fuck? Then they hit the abuse button, It just shows how hell-ish facebook is.

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