Friday, April 22, 2011

Americans doing Christian Democracy

I see all these Christian movements in the US voting republican. I guess John Birch Society values are all good for the republican party. The top religious population in the United States is conservative. The reason why I let Christians get away with all their high hitcounter counts, because Islam is 100 times worse than Christianity. The two religions are at war. Islam is like Satan's religion (mirror). Islam law, those who don't agree with their religion are to be killed. I am ex-Lutheran however, now agnostic. I was Lutheran for 15 years. I had to dress up every week and sing. I know why churches exist. Churches exist as an alternative to the Lion's Club or vice versa.

I don't see why religion takes command in tea party politics when you cannot have Christian democracy like Canada/EU with our separation of church and state in the Constitution. These websites get shit loads of hits just for being religious anti-Obama citizens. I seriously wonder about these websites being cults

Americans should go for a intelligent design approach and be agnostic towards Christianity. Intelligent design exposes the limitations of scientific orthodoxy and of the secular philosophy of naturalism. Intelligent design proponents allege that science should not be limited to naturalism and should not demand the adoption of a naturalistic philosophy that dismisses out-of-hand any explanation that includes a supernatural cause. Evolution is too materialistic come to think about it. The designer in ID could be God, but it could also be an extraterrestrial race or some other supernatural force. Thou Christian churches believe in aliens.

This has something to do with somatic cell nuclear transfer and cloning. It appears that the [binary] languages using quantum physics are hidden in the 98%, noncoded DNA contained in our own genetica. The basic principle of these languages is similar to the language of holographic images based on principles of laser radiations of the genetic structures which operate together as a quasi-intelligent system, as in It particularly important to realize that our genetic devices actually perform real processes which supplement the triplet model of the genetic code." The role of non-coding DNA is silencers for suppression of transcription of proximal gene!

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