Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Android 3.1 or Asus Eee PC

Android 2.3 had a huge security hole inside its code that allow hackers to get in it. At least Android 3.1 runs 2.6.36 with more security. The standard in stability is EXT4 and I will make sure I get one with it. That means I have to wait until something on Ebay appears within my sub-$130 price range with Android 3.1 in it. Android 3.1 devices have 512 MB of RAM and 1 GHz RISC CPUS in them! First thing is I'm getting antivirus for it. AndFire is a must-have and I need enough RAM. I have a Archos 7 running Android 1.6, and I use it for JPEG and Gmail. The facebook users aren't impressed I bought it. This isn't pushing their culture, a lot of normal people have Android tags on their wall this month. I wonder why Android is popular even with the security risks. I could get Internet and office suites with Asus Eee PC 701SD Netbooks. I would be immune to made-for-Android malware out to steal my microblogging password (facebook, twitter). I know after a few years on the same kernel, there would be Ubuntu Netbook edition. Bottom line, I'm getting a Asus Eee PC someday.

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