Thursday, May 26, 2011

Can Ams are piece of crap

I cannot tell you how much I laughed when a guy and his girlfriend under the Petite bourgeoisie category waved/smiled at me on their trike (Can Am Spyder). If you’ve ridden a snowmobile, you will be good at riding a Spyder. I was on a 1950s tricycle before I road my 21 speed Mt. Bike after I got balance and never looked back. Now I may be right when I say that Cam Ams are a piece of crap by review score. Your Can Am engine is Bombardier-made. What these Cam Am riders should own is a Campgana T-Rex. Nobody knows about these guys so their supply and demand are low. I've been seeing 2 1/2 3 or star Can Ams Spyder reviews and 5 star Campgana T-rexs. They don't even buy from the right company and yet they (wrongly) ride like their as cool as a Harley Davidson rider. Cam Am owners offend my intelligence. The T-Rex has a brilliant mainstream Kawasaki ZX-14 engine in it, very affordable. Can Ams have all of the dangers of a motorcycle with none of the fun. You’re tossed from side to side on bumps and turns want to toss you off the bike. Can Am is expensive and shotty. You get none of the typical trike advantages (higher G-loading than either car or bike, can’t fall off, some weather protection) and all of the disadvantages (heavier than a bike, less cargo/passenger room than a car, dodgy rear suspension).

Now a Kawasaki ZX-14 is always cooler than a Campgana T-rexs, because tricycles are stupid looking. Campgana is the right way to buy if you're into intelligence offending trikes.

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