Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update OS Day V: Odyssey 2

Loaded up with Crossover Linux 8 with VLC.exe and office 2k7 installed.

tech specs
ext4, BTRFS
2.6.34-9 kernel
KDE 4.4.3
gnome 2.28.1
openoffice 3.2
firefox 3.6.5

i hear that opensolaris 2009.06 is much improved stability wise (solaris unix kernel with gnome 2.26), but i'm staying with linux until 2010.04 reviews. I saw Solaris 8 in 12th grade in 2003. I talked around and everybody who does uses linux didn't try OpenSolaris and they're all like "I installed yellowdog on PS3" deal.

Guys, we're moving to a near-ZFS (UNIX-only) file system, BTRFS. With zlib compression enabled, this filesystem writes and reads 50% faster than EXT4 would. Has extents like EXT4.

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