Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tax (Cap) and trade slows economy to screeching halt

This global warming commie bill is a clone of the BTU tax that Al Gore tried to pass thru congress in 1993 and most democrats voted against due to the disasterious conquences and thank goodness it did not pass, because it is 4 trillion plus the infinant healthcare reform that is another 2 trillion. We were so much better without it. Then liberal congress has to bail out Californai, because that state is bankrupted under their own creations (San Fransico is 33% of the problem)...Barney Frank wants that. And then we're the EU. Michael Steele calls Democrats insane, cashing out monopoly money. The tax and trade is flawed, it'll make the green companies rich. It costs 2 real jobs for one green job according to Spain and they have a socialist economy that is having huge debt problems and relatively high unemployment. This is not the time for the democrat party to become a Labor party in my opinion though Democrats seem like totaltarians so they will do tax and trade anyways. They never liked nuclear power plants anyway, and no other foreign liberal hated nuclear nearly as much because they were happy to have the technology. This UN tax and trade on fossil fuel plants is specifically to drag our economy down due to it being the largest tax increase in American history. And then we have the smiley face fascist president trying to sell us this toxic product known as tax and trade that is 800 billion dollars or more. I know I do this, because I won't have much of a second opinion. NASA even admits that the sun does the heat and that global warming or successor to the phrase is BS (ie: Gallialo's sun spots theory). NASA did this when their budget is decreasing due to the dystopian Obamacare when Barney Frank admitted this on O-Reilly Factor. I fear that Michael Jackson died just in time for the ATSC netwroks to stay mostly quiet about this topic until it was signed and passed yesterday. Journalism is dead, but that is nothing new. We should have a national debate on it to exploit how dumb it is. European Union tried tax and trade and they're borrowing heavily as a result of being dumb. President agrees with the former Clinton political advisor Morris, so the Democrats are rushing this thru the chamber before people find out...nothing new to us.

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