Friday, May 8, 2009

Civil War over States Rights over taxing guns

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Nancy, Barney Frank and the banks that give the loans to ppl who couldn't afford them due to entitlement of competition or something. Barney Frank denied the Freddie Mac and Fannie May corruption/bankruptcy scandal long before it was due. Barney is the reason there should be term limits in Congress...he's a socialist too BTW. 10 out of 14 banks are asking for 45 billion dollars of tax payer money! That’s just not right. Nancy is a San Francisco socialist democrat and loves to spend in revenge of all those 30 yrs of restraint. Congress can overrule anything that Bush veto. Sometimes he signs the simultaneous, because he fell victim to brainwashing or something. He caved in with poor support. Well what is true here is that the GOP is less evil and smarter than the Democrats. The Democrats don't want nuclear power plants, they release top secret crap for no reason, and the GOP believes that the military must back our epic economy. Democrats want to dismantle missiles in Europe and stop F-22 Raptor production as it is the only way to evade Russia surface to air missile system as well as decommission Gitmo was for evil people presentment. And Democrats want to put terrorists in the USA. Nobody else would take them. You don’t want to farest left ACLU organization, the most vial law non-profit organization in America to release even more troop photos of water boarding and other interrogation practices. It pretty much releases top secret integration that we use to keep our military in the advantage. When you fight a war, you really fight to win. Not do this propaganda thing that these loonies do for entitlement reasons to make the ratings go up at our country’s expense. The American Civil Liberties Union doesn’t care about most Americans, they’re totalitarian like PETA. They’re in this far left intellectual bubble and can’t see the significance of the situation. With all this spending our economy doesn’t look like it will fully recover in any near time in the future.

Mexico is failing and we should have border security and agree with the Secure Fence act of 2006. 40 million illegals...bad. How about the worst mistake in history, nationalized healthcare. Will reduce the size of the military. Nationalized healthcare will fail, because the government doesn't make money, capitalist healthcare will profit. MEDICARE IS THE WORLD'S LARGEST PONZI SCHEME. IT IS 34 BILLION IN THE RED AND WILL GO BANKRUPT SOON! We spend way too much on our eldery. Why not profit and make it all businesses! The problem is government. Masters of American capitalism, the libertarians are allied with the Republicans. Socialist Canadians 17% unemployment. Japan is the second largest economy due to capitalism. Rome fell, because of its weak military. Taking care of sick poor is an allusion to destroy most capitalism in the US. China really pulled out of the lending business! Healthcare can be a business. The government can work with them to keep it that way. I don't want to wait 4 1/2 months for my healthcare like the Canadians, and sucks and has a good portion of the economies earnings. The Canadians are miserable, understand? For example, all the liberal states are practically bankrupted and if California goes, the rest of states follow all due to spending to much and states reimbursing failing companies. I believe paying for 20-40 million illegal immigrant's heatlhcare + poor is going to bankrupt us. Most Americans are pro-Secure Fence Act of 2006. We're all anti-illegal immigrant. Think of Rome, dude. Why would you want to move away from the best constitution on Earth? Nobody has it as good as Americans do. Reagonomics would work extremely well. We should start limiting the elderly’s Medicare experiences. They may want it, but it’s bankrupting us with the costs for Viagra for example. We better speak up. California is up to it’s neck with Medicare expenses for the elderly. If California goes under, the rest of us goes. Why should the elderly get as much care as they did in the past when were not. Nationalized healthcare would be similar to the disastrous medicare funding that old people are getting away with.

Hong Kong has highest GDP for a city on Earth. That's how the Chinese know how do capitalism well thru the Hong Kong weirdos. Why would I be brainwashing if we're already capitalist, a real superpower without a doubt until the early 2000. They're miserable, because their constitution doesn't begin with "We the People". Not lying here as their government is bankrupting them! Our constitution is light years ahead of theirs. The Canadians are miserable with their nationalized healthcare, and socialist economy, because the the common-wealth is like that. India (former), Australia, and Canada, Bermuda, UK, Jamaica all have socialist leaders. Reagonomics was a result of 200 years of conservative thinking. Just will work! It worked in the 1980s! The 1984 book on the house!

Barrack Obama is Big Brother from 1984 ideology. Don't giving into benevolent fascism is all I or it’ll end up with transnational laws. And you liked the movie V for Vendetta on your myspace account meaning you already knew of left-wing benevolent fascism as one of your FAVs.

About the freedom of speech thing. We should have all the vial comments from people in this country not sent out, because the US has a difficulty with freedom of speech as long as they don’t do violence. Why an the neo-nazi National Socialists Movement stay in Minneapolis and they’ve been around forever. The Neo-Nazis have right to assembly also.

Chancellor Obama is going to reduce 0.5% of the 3.5 trillion dollar budget they released yesterday. The government is also doing a stress test which the FDIC does all the tiem anyway, yet it is a conspiracy to nationalized banks pretty much so they screw us ever more up.

The state legislators do a civil war where the government is taking away our guns in a time where there are illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities, and the state legislators are against it in Montana, Texas and Ohio. This is huge. It protects our 2nd amendment to the right to afford to bare arms in hostile situations. In the 9th and 10th amendment, the states have regulatory rights over the federal government to not tax guns in those states, because of in trust state commors.

Big Brother is releasing the detainees of Gitmo into our communities across the US. These were the guys we knew that were involved in 9/11 and the Government is sending them back where they came from so they can retrain to hurt more Americans.

Abu Zubayadh oversaw training camps of 9/11 terrorists and had $50,000 USD to fund attacks. Meanwhile Hhald Mohammed was Al-Qaeda’s top operative and is a mastermind behind the 9/11 crashing of Pentagon and World Trade Center towers. How does closing Gitmo make us safer? The government has no place to put these terrorists and many others like them.

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  1. This is war. It's the right war. America is not a socialist country. I won't let it be. I'm an American. Not a pinko commie.