Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My AotuV b5 Vorbis Collection is brand new!

Fourteen hours ago, I started encoding my 4,696 MP3 collection to [url=]AoTuV beta 5 Vorbis[/url] (the most advanced low bitrate codec on Earth until AoTuV beta 6 comes out) and it completed 2 hours ago. I think Mediacoder skipped 5 songs, but I'm thinking I might bring that with me to Minnesota if I go to MN Life College otherwise I'll bring the mp3 collection I burning to DVD as I type this up. AoTuV beta 5 won the Hydroforums low bitrate audio test against AAC, WMA, and MP3. I have the AoTuV beta 4 Vorbis on my Dell Dimension, but I think I'll update it after I burn the Vorbis to DVDs. This is cool right?

Also I bought Motorstorm for PS3 for $63 two days ago.


  1. Not so smart, transcoding will only lessen your quality... Can't get better than what you put in in the first place. Now if you did all the tracks again from their orinigal source...

  2. Yeah so with 900 GB of hard drive space I can do both vorbis and mp3s and it's fun + you fit more on DL-DVDs.