Sunday, September 17, 2006

Wanna be friends?

What sucks about life is if I call up the game store and ask them if anyones want my 2 GB Rom collection for decount…the answer will be “no thanks”. That’s Neo-Geo, C64, Genesis, SNES, NES, Amiga, Turbografx-16, N64, arcade (like Mars Matrix, Zero Gunner, Trigon, rayforce, darius plus, Batsugun gigawing, and all the shoot em ups) and Gameboy Advance. I can’t stand around and make friends and I got little money to spend on girlfriends (who needs ‘em – got computers dude)

Today is Sunday and well I’ve been working on Xenosaga Episode III. I’m at the part where I have to save Shion from the U-TIC on Milsha.

And how about them MN Twins. Loose a game in the 10th (against Detroit Tigers) and win their last game against the White Soxs working on Dependant. I can not make it pass the 5th inning. I got too tired due to that Xenosaga Episode 3 for 5 hrs straight. Actually a good turn-based RPG. The prerendered cutscenes is state-of-the-art, but the voice-overs suck! Play a little. Then load of cutscenes. Play a little. Then load of Cutscenes

Randy or Bob won’t talk to me because I gave Randy all my MP3s, Suse 10, some Roms, Open Office on several DVDs and I gave bob 4/5 of the HE-AAC collection on a DVD. Randy doesn’t fully understand what GPL means. My ex-friends hate Linux distros. I understand this very well. I made a mistake giving Randy those DVDs.

Now, it looks like I’m getting a job interview at Circuit City of all places. I get to touch computers now (which got me fired at Assurant)! Actually it’s a step below the tape library job, but I’m not complaining.

I was going to buy Paper Mario, but ended up buying Brave Fencer Musashi instead. It is a early Playstation RPG by Squaresoft released along with Xenogears. I am starting to forget about Panzer Dragoon Saga. Out of my reach, rarer then heck, and overrated. In 1998, no one gave a shit. 2006, it’s #1 collectable game.

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