Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Square-Enix makes console | Free H264, H263 converter (Mediacoder)

Gameindustry.biz confirmed that Square-Enix is entering the console manufacturing like Nintendo thru their acquired hardware department, Taito.

I found this free CT HE-AAC v2 encoder in Mediacoder 0.5.0 last week. It’s probably the best low-bitrate encoder I have ever tried (even better then Vorbis). A 56 kbps mp4 sounds like a 128 kbps mp3. Mediacoder is a front end converts any video format to H.264, H.263+, and WMV8 and is better than RealAnime 4.2 (also on my computer). With H.264, it successfully does 2 passes which improves compression. There is an option to set the file size. It will also output in H.264 at Sony PSP resolution automatically naming the file for you!
I plan on buying Disgaea 2 and Xenosaga 3 this month, Valkyrie Profile 2 next month and then Final Fantasy 12 when it is $20. I don’t want Dead rising. I have over 100 PS2 games which is much more I can play after I start my job. I started Grandia 2, a GameArts RPG, last week. It’s not very good.

Then I played 5 hours of New Super Mario Bros, 2 hours of Mario and Luigi Partners in Time, and 1 hour 30 minutes of Lunar Legend. Lunar Legend is worst then Lunar The Silver Star Story because all the FMV, voice acting is gone, and the audio sounds very low bitrate. More games included 4 hours of Doom 3, 2 hours of Forza Motorsport on Xbox; 5 hours of Prey, 3 hours of Call of Duty 2 on Xbox 360. I haven’t touched Elder Scrolls IV or Titan Quest since July.

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