Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Converted MP3s to aacPlus! | Bought Condemned Criminal Origins and Resident Evil 4

I converted all my MP3s to high quality [A]dvance [A]udio [C]odec Plus a couple days ago using Nero 7 aac after reading an article on it. I reduced 20.9 GiB to 8 GiB using a pc with 1 GiB dual channel PC4000 and another one with 2 GiB dual channel PC3200 RAM. I kept all my mp3 achieve in case I find a few MP4s with sound glitches. The quality of my aacPlus mp4 files are ¾ 64 and 80 kbps while ¼ are 96 kbps. I gave a friend 2.5 GiB of my MP4s so he wouldn’t have too. Saving 13 GiB of space was sort of worth a day re-encoding everything. No regrets.

Randy is those people who hates Nintendo. He has a NES, but was also his last Nintendo branded console. I got him to play F-Zero GX and the NDS. I was Capt. Falcon. He was Pico. I won three times. Afterwards, we played the only map available without playing the single player game, Temple, and he fragged me 6 to 3 in Far Cry Instincts….

I got pretty excited when I purchased Resident Evil 4 for PS2 at the Wal-Mart in Hudson, WI despite owning it for GameCube. I told Randy that it was topping all the videogame charts and I wanted it even if. We were driving around town. Gamespot.com gave it a 10/10 in graphics and sound, 9.5 in game play and presentation, 9.0 in replay value. At night, I drove us to a newly built Super Wal-Mart in New Richmond cos I was wondering what it looked like inside. We looked at various power tools, blank dvds, and cheapo fishing rods.

He wants to take me fishing, but he doesn’t understand I don’t want too. You literally sit in a boat and leave the line in the water for 10 minutes before something bites. Sounds really boring. Don’t eat until you catch something….what a joke! I said, “No, you won’t make me” He responded, “We’re going fishing this summer and you’re coming with!” This reminds me of that stupid movie “Gone Fishing.”

New games to add

- Resident Evil 4 (Capcom)
- Condemned: Criminal Origins (Sega)

Tomorrow, I’ll be discussing Nintendo’s Revolution. Don’t expect much when there aren’t any screenshots. Games should be worse looking than M$ Xbox 360's games. The NES, SNES and N64 software emulation (ie: Nintendo virtual console) doesn’t take much CPU power at all at original video resolution.

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