Sunday, September 17, 2000

Red Dead Redemption | 10

This being probably the best game I've ever played, I thought I'd say a few things. I loved the story, most movie scripts aren't written as well, the gameplay and graphics were equally impressive. I honestly enjoyed every second of this game, mostly because of the free-roam style. There is the option of taking a stage coach to avoid the long horse rides to the next missions, I took advantage of this once. In most games if there is a way of skipping the drive or ride to the destination, I almost always do so. With Red Dead Redemption, the ride is what I enjoyed most, although the missions were extremely enjoyable, the things you can accomplish on the way were just as fun, if not more fun. In the amazing world of RDR, you can hunt and skin a number of different wild animals including deer, rabbits, bobcats, grizzly bears, armadillos, a number of different types of birds and much more, all depending on the area you're in. I often found myself forgetting about the next objective and just hunting down as many animals as I could find lol. There is even a store you can sell the skins, meat and the other things you cut off or out of the animals you've hunted.

The missions are very entertaining and original, I enjoyed every single one. In RDR it's not all about shootin' and killin' the bad guys. Though it is that, among other things, throughout the game you're asked to help#most of which you can choose not to# simple farmers and civilians, which is equally as fun as the killin'. These objectives vary from domesticating horses to capturing prisoners who've escaped their transporter, which you can choose to kill or hog-tie and return to the lawman. The actual objectives needed to progress in the game are unique in their own right, they depend on the character from whom they were given. About half of the time you'll be asked to kill so-and-so, which usually isn't alone. But the other half consists of aiding in escapes, blowing up convoys of enemy wagons and other important events. No matter what you find yourself involved in, I promise you will have fun with it.

And if you're not interested in any missions, hunting or doing simple favors, you can go have a shot at the bar, play poker, black jack, horse shoes, five finger fillet or arm wrestle. I'm sure I'm missing a lot of things with this review, that said, the possibilities are endless. I give this game 10/10, if you've enjoyed the GTA's, COD's, MOH's, basically any first or 3rd person shooter's, or anything with a story, this game blows everything out of the water in my opinion. It's definitely worth buying, but if you're not wanting to spend $60 on a game, it's more than worth a rent and any late fee's you might accumulate when you lose yourself in this one. Hope this helps and I didn't sound too dorky, take care guys.

graphics 10
gameplay 10
sound 10
replay 10

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